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The World’s First Online Urdu Thesaurus

An Urdu Thesaurus at Your Fingertips! For the first time in the world an online Urdu Thesaurus was launched in Pakistan. It is proving to be a very helpful resource for those who read and write in Urdu, that is why in the past five months…

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Pakistan Makes its Mark at the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme 2016

Two Young Pakistanis Receive the Queen’s Young Leaders Award Yet again our youth have done us proud as they represented the country wearing traditional clothing in colors of green and white at one of the most magnificent buildings in the UK i.e. Buckingham Palace, where…

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From Pushto to Chinese: Hadiqa Kiani’s Janan Gets a New Life

Big Hit of Hadiqa Kiani’s Song Janan Brief History About the Song “Janan” Somewhere in February 2010, Hadiqa communicated with an anonymous Pashto singer named Irfan Khan for coming up with a spicy remix of the song “Janan” sung by him. Surprisingly, the song turned…

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The Citizens Archive of Pakistan Podcast #119 – Roshan Ara Bokhari

A renowned dance choreographer and an accomplished dancer, Roshan Ara Bokhari was born in Aligarh in 1934. In her conversation with the Lahore OHP team, Ms. Bokhari speaks of her love for Lahore, recalling her childhood home. She then speaks of going to Lawrence Gardens…

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Rooh Afza – Mashroob e Mashriq (Summer Drink of the East)

Rooh Afza: ‘110 Years of Refreshing the World’ This is the slogan that we find on the recently manufactured bottles of Rooh Afza because this year it celebrates its 110th  year of production. These distinctive bottles with their golden caps (which are engraved with Rooh Afza…

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doctHERS: A Startup Dedicated to Serve Humanity

doctHERS: Female Doctors Providing Medical Care to People all Over Pakistan doctHERS is a healthcare platform through which female doctors are providing the medical attention required by thousands of underprivileged people who do not get it due to inaccessibility to hospitals and doctors. The doctHERS…