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2018: The Happening Year for Pakistan Tourism

Pakistan is the World’s No.1 Destination for Adventure Tourism According to British Backpacker Society! The British Backpacker Society was founded by Adam Sloper, Micheal Worall and Samuel Joynson. They venture into relatively unknown territories in developing countries to present an insight on different cultures and people to…


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First Ever Sightseeing Buses for Touring Islamabad-Rawalpindi Launched by PTDC

Pakistan Tourism & Development Corporation (PTDC) Promoting Tourism by Initiating Sightseeing Buses To promote tourism, Pakistan Tourism & Development Corporation (PTDC) launched the first ever sightseeing buses for Islamabad–Rawalpindi that will take its passengers on a tour of a number of exciting places in the…


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Rooh Afza – Mashroob e Mashriq (Summer Drink of the East)

Rooh Afza: ‘110 Years of Refreshing the World’ This is the slogan that we find on the recently manufactured bottles of Rooh Afza because this year it celebrates its 110th  year of production. These distinctive bottles with their golden caps (which are engraved with Rooh Afza…