National Culinary Team of Pakistan Debuts at 14th International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival

National Culinary Team of Pakistan Sails Through the 14th International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival

Winning 15 Gold, 13 Silver, 1 Bronze, 4 prestigious Trophies and 30 internationally endorsed certificates from among 75 different categories is no ordinary feat, but this was achieved by National Culinary Team of Pakistan with practical ease. They displayed an immensely high standard of culinary skills which not only impressed the judges, but their fellow chefs and the public as well.

National Culinary Team of Pakistan {which was formed this January, after a careful selection by Chefs Association Pakistan (CAP)} participated in the International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival (which is an extremely prestigious culinary event whose aim is to bring together chefs from all around the world, and provide a platform where expertise can be exchanged).

It was held from 11th – 14th February, 2016 in Istanbul, where 2000 domestic & foreign chefs as well as renowned judges from 25 countries participated. World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), Paris in collaboration with Cooks & Chefs Federation of Turkey were responsible for organizing the event.

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