August, 2017


Saawan: A Pakistani Film That Has Already Won Three International Awards!

Pakistan is definitely making progress in its cinematic ventures as new genres are being experimented with, which is being positively received by the public. However one movie ‘Saawan’ has gotten international acclaim even before Pakistanis have had the chance to see it! Saawan: Making its…


Danial Shah and His Quest of Discovering Pakistan

Pakistan is a country of immense beauty and diversity of all forms at all levels. But we Pakistanis are not very knowledgeable, because it is not highlighted as it should be. However one patriotic individual wanted to find out, and so he set out on his…


Pakistani Guinness World Records (2012-2017)

Over the years Pakistanis have achieved a number of world records that have made it to the renowned ‘Guinness Book of World Records’. However it was during the Punjab Youth Festival (PYF) in 2012 (an event in which sporting and craft competitions as well as…