Pakistani Guinness World Records (2012-2017)

Over the years Pakistanis have achieved a number of world records that have made it to the renowned ‘Guinness Book of World Records’. However it was during the Punjab Youth Festival (PYF) in 2012 (an event in which sporting and craft competitions as well as exhibitions took place during one month) that a staggering 11 Pakistani Guinness World Records were made! And in the following editions of PYF of 2013 & 2014 we also made various other records, though many of them have been now broken (such as the largest human flag, the most people singing the national anthem, the largest picture mosaic, heaviest vehicle pulled by the beard and largest art lesson). Yet the following are the ones that remain unbeaten. Read on to be amazed:

Unbeaten Pakistani Guinness World Records (2012-2014)


The fastest time to make three chapatis i.e. 3 minutes and 14 seconds, achieved by Mohammad Mansha, who is the head chef at the National Hockey Stadium, Lahore.

The quickest time to wear full cricket whites i.e. 1 minute and 18 seconds, achieved by Mohammed Jaleel ul Hassan.


The most field hockey passes by a team in one minute i.e. 43

The greatest distance a field hockey ball dribbled by a team in 3 minutes i.e. 979.2 meters

The highest number of badminton counter hits in one minute i.e. 123, achieved by Wajid Ali Chaudhri (singles champion) and Mohammad Akiq (doubles champion).

The biggest painting by numbers measuring approximately 150 feet by 266 feet, depicting famous monuments of Punjab. 1,557 people participated and completed it in 6 hours.

The biggest paint swatch measuring 82 square feet was produced by Master Paints Industries.


The highest number of people waving flags i.e. 56,618

The highest number of kip-ups (breakdance) in one minute i.e. 34, achieved by Farhan Ayub.

The most contestants in a multi-discipline competition is 3,910,188 across various locations through December till March.

The highest number of martial arts kicks in one minute using a single leg i.e. 355, achieved by Ahmad Amin Bodla.

The longest duration balancing in box splits between two objects i.e. 12 minutes 44 seconds, achieved by Syed Marij Hussain Zaidi.

Individual Pakistani Guinness World Records (2015-2017)

Here are some remarkable Pakistani Guinness World Records that have been achieved by various Martial Arts experts as well as by those who are in training. They are:

Ahmed Amin Bodla

In 2015, 22 year old Ahmad Bodla became the first ever Pakistani to be inducted in the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He is believed to be one of the quickest martial arts kickers’ in the world and is also a Black Belt holder in Taekwondo.


27th August

He achieved the record in Lahore:

The highest number of martial arts kicks in three minutes using one leg i.e. 801

Mujtaba Hassan Mughal

He is a Black belt holder in both Martial Arts and Taekwondo, and has taken part in Taekwondo Tournaments in the country. He is also an instructor at Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts.

He achieved the records in Karachi:


7th June

The highest number of walnuts smashed with a nunchaku in one minute i.e. 97

Mohammad Hassan Butt

He is a student at the Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts.

He achieved the record in Karachi:


7th June

The highest number of push ups on medicine balls in one minute i.e. 68

Syed Marij Hussain Zaidi

He is a student at the Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts.

He achieved the record in Karachi:


1st April

The highest number of cups kicked off one person’s head in one minute i.e. 163 (each cup had to be at least 10 cm in diameter and 7 cm high)

Muhammad Rashid

He is the founder of the Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts, a black belt as well as the chief instructor. In just two years he has made 11 records, and he is seems determined to break all martial arts Guinness World Record titles!

He achieved the records in Karachi:


On 7th June

The highest number of spins of a fire staff in one minute i.e. 188

The highest number of clay sporting targets broken in one minute by a nunchaku i.e. 158


On 20th March

The highest number of nunchaku (is a customary martial arts weapon made of two sticks joined at one end by a short chain or rope) hits in one minute i.e. 350

22nd October

The highest number of punches with one hand in one minute i.e. 377

31st December

The highest number of green coconuts cracked using the head i.e. 35

He achieved the following records, at the Guinness World Records Italian Show:

On 8th April

The highest number of bottle caps removed with the head in one minute i.e. 61

On 17th April

The highest number of walnuts crushed with elbow in one minute i.e. 210  

The highest number of walnuts cracked against the head in one minute i.e. 181

The highest number of drink cans crushed with the elbow in one minute i.e. 77

He achieved the records in Karachi:


2nd April

The highest number of drink cans crushed by the hand while holding an egg in 30 seconds i.e. 29

The highest number of double nunchaku strikes in one minute i.e. 557

(It was required that he held one in each hand and hit the target with one and then the other)

Syed Taj Muhammad

He works at ‘Taj Hotel’ in Shah Faisal Town, Karachi, as tea making is his family business, which he is proud of. He has been coached by Muhammad Rashid.

He achieved the records at the Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts:


On 14th May

The highest number of push ups with one leg raised (wearing 40 pound weights on his back) in one minute i.e. 48


On 20th March

The highest number of knuckle push-ups in one hour i.e. 2,175

Irfan Mehsood

He is a 27 year old M-Phil student who is a fitness fanatic. Inspired by Jackie Chan he also practices Kung-Fu, and is responsible for introducing Wushu Kung Fu in Dera Ismail Khan, where he currently resides.

He achieved the record at the Jackie Chan Academy:


On 22nd May

The highest number of thumb push-ups (wearing 40 pound weights on his back) in one minute, i.e. 22

One Intellectual Record…

Abdul Basit Siddiqui

Having done Masters from IBA, he currently resides in Dubai working as a mental calculations and memory trainer. He has own YouTube channel called ‘NumerTainment’ where he instructs students to ace mental math. He plans on achieving a world record every six months.

He achieved the record in an office in Dubai:


On 22nd May

The fastest time to write a text message on a mobile phone using the Swype technology. He did it in 17.5 seconds.

He had made another record of being the fastest person to recognize all elements of the periodic table in 3 minutes and 9.29 seconds on 19th December 2016, but sadly he has been beaten by a Nepalese who achieved it in 2 minutes and 46.5 seconds on 29th January 2017.

One Inspirational Record…

Unaiza Ali Barlas

An exceptional 20 year student of Roots Ivy League, Lahore. She is the founder of an NGO ‘Art for Humanity’ and is also running a big charity campaign for the Edhi Foundation. Furthermore she works as an animation artist at ‘Mano’, Pakistan’s first ever 2D hand drawn animation studio that is working on its initial project ‘The Glassworker’.

She achieved this record at a ceremony attended by hundreds of people in Gillani Park, Lahore:


On 12th March

The longest cartoon strip by an individual i.e. measuring approximately 877 feet. It is a classic comic strip which consists of a series of black and white squares.

Praiseworthy Record-Holders!

These individuals have indeed made us proud and have brought great honor to Pakistan. Therefore it is the duty of the concerned authorities to support them in every way possible so that they remain motivated and can progress further in their respective fields.

Hajra Saeed

Hajra Saeed has been writing for the past 20 years. During her career she has contributed to various leading newspapers and magazines, but currently writes for the special supplements of ‘The Nation’. She has written on a wide array of topics; however areas of interest are social issues, religion, philosophy and presenting a positive image of Pakistan. Has experience in copy writing, content writing, technical writing, screenwriting and teaching. Likes to read, do online courses as well as social work.