Pakistani Poets Whose Poerty Created a Stir

Poetry is an art that is not for everyone, but there are some poets present in the times who have created such explosive topics that one could imagine. Those poets are actually the most courageous ones who know how to bound the territory of writer’s world in their poetry.

The LionHearted Poets

Through their poetry, they have shown their skills of grabbing the attention of the individuals in masses. Here comes a list of some of the lionhearted poets of Pakistan that created a stir in the society, through their contentious poetry.

Jaun Elia

Jaun Elia was a communist poet who believed that Religion and Marxism are two compatible things, and he showed this concept through his poetry, leaving the consequences aside. Jaun Elia produced a vast amount of Poetry content in Urdu literature. Today, perhaps Jaun Elia is one of the most googled poets on the internet.

The thing that made Jaun Elia famous was Mushairas, a decent way of reciting poems in a definite style. Jaun Elia’s poetry is full of stuff like sufferings, sorrows and pain along with disarray. Putative Urdu critics gave the statements that in the poetry of Jaun Elia, a fine mix of Sufism and Spirituality exists. 

Ahmed Faraz

Ahmed Faraz emerged as a poet on its own, he started writing poetry when he was a young college student. His poetry is a perfect mix of love, despairs and disappointments. He drew upon the traditional concepts of love and romance but with them, he also wrote on the notions of despairs and disappointments. Through these conceptualizations he produced sets of finest poetry that he can.

Poet, Ahmed Faraz, Ahmed Faraz Sher, ahmed faraz ki shayari

Ahmed Faraz is considered to be a concentric poet who has created several anthologies that are enough to credit him. His profiles include Tanha Tanha, Dard-e-Aashob, Janan Janan, Shubkhoon, Merey Khwab Reza Reza, Beaawara Gali Koochon Mein, Nabeena Shar Mein Aaeena, Pus Andaz Mausam,  and Khwab-e-Gul Pareshan Hai and many more.

Mirza Ghalib

Ghalib is considered as the most effective poet of the nation. Ghalib is famous for his ghazals written in Urdu. Initially, his poetry delivered the pain of love, grief and anxiety. The poet worked for the Urdu language by promoting it through his poetry in an informal and effective way. Ghalib got fame through his poetry in which he conveyed the pains and philosophies that he had.

ghalib, poetry, poets of Pakistan

Mirza Ghalib has been regarded as the most influential and brilliant poet of the Urdu language. He hasn’t got fame in his life but attained it after death.

Parveen Shakir

Parveen Shakir was an educator, poetess and a government servant. At her youthful age, Parveen began writing both composition and the verses along with the segments of poetry in the daily newspaper. Her poetry is based upon the conceptualization of love, ideas of adoration and characterizations.

parveen shakir, poet

Parveen Shakir’s poetry is a unique mixture of today’s methodologies and thoughtfulness. Her poetry mainly comprises of vigorously used illustrations and analogies that depict the strengths of today’s world.


Ibn-e-Insha was associated with many governmental services, along with his poetry. His poetry depicts his sense of humour along with a deep understanding of love and affection. The way of his poetry is a blend of Hindi and Urdu both.

ibne insha, poet, poetry, ghazal

This poetic style of complex languages leads the new generation in a new and enchanting way. His poetry is praised mostly by the leading generation of today. In the industry and world, he is recognized as a poet, humorist and travelogue writer.

Habib Jalib

Habib Jalib is considered to be a revolutionary poet of the nation. At the start, he started writing in a journal and later on he began writing on the issues that were directly related to the individuals living in a particular society. He served himself to be a staunch democrat, who has always opposed martial law, state oppression and authoritarianism.

These conceptions reflected back in his poetry and served in uprising the youth and the individuals that were getting affected by his poetry. The style and concepts of delivering his poems and emotions are reflected by the sensitivity of the socio-political aspects that evoked the audience. His poetry and work provided a new vision to the lost souls and a way of guidance in life.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Faiz Ahmed Faiz is considered to be one of the most celebrated and renowned poets. Most of the poetry is written in Urdu by him, but some of his poems are also published in English. Faiz always had a unique and beautiful style of delivering his revolutionary poetry.

pakistani poets, faiz ahmed faiz, poets of Pakistan

Faiz had a diversified way of conveying his messages through poetry. Faiz’s poems always served to be conventional, light-hearted treatises on love and beauty. He also served his services in politics and later on, he wrote poems that served in the uplifting of the issues that were directly related to politics.

Leading To Revolution

All these poets are appreciated and celebrated on the basis of their poems written in the purest Urdu and Unique Style. Although their poetry had controversies, the controversies lead to revolutionary things that affected the nations in a positive way. These people remarkably expanded the conventional expectations of the youth and other audience and served themselves in creating a Stir in the nation and the world.

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