Multan Airport: A Symbol of Pride

About the Famous City Multan Multan has earned the status of ‘The City of Saints’ or ‘Madina tul Aulya’ as many saints spent years of their lives preaching Sufism in this city. Multan is the fifth largest city of Pakistan and popular for its prime…


Fourteen Reasons That Make us Proud of Pakistan

As soon as the month of August commences, the countdown begins to the day that holds great significance for us, the day we attained an independent country of our own, while everyone is engulfed in a sea of varied emotions. Those who were present at…


The Evergreen Glory of Historical Buildings of Pakistan

Introduction to the Igniting Honor of Historical Buildings The most prideful and enthusiastic way to summon honor along with ultimate passion is by preserving the treasures known worldwide as the historical buildings of Pakistan. Amazingly, this is what various prominent sites and buildings reflect today….

multan, city of saints

Multan: The City of Saints

Which Pakistani city has been; The capital of a kingdom mentioned in the Mahabharata? Conquered by the Greek king Alexander? Called Dar-ul-Aman during the rule of the Mughar Emperor Akbar? Recognized as the birthplace of Baba Farid, considered to have been the first Punjabi poet?…

Few Interesting Facts about Pakistan

Few Interesting Facts about Pakistan

Type ‘Pakistan’ into the Google search box and you’re not very likely to come up with a lot of positive news. For years now Pakistan has been struggling with a host of challenges; internal and external. But here are few facts about Pakistan you don’t…

Summaiya Jillani: An Overnight Star from Pakistani World of Art2

Summaiya Jillani: An Overnight Star from Pakistani Art World

Besides the saddening and distressing notoriety that Pakistan possesses in front of the world, there still occur some pleasant junctures that always thrive to bring a positive light to our country’s name. Every now and then we witness a particular achievement or a talented person…

Ali Hassan: When There's a Will There's a Way

Ali Hassan: When There’s a Will There’s a Way

If you are or were a student of Karachi University, in the past few years, you must have noticed a guy on a wheel chair selling stationary near Arts Lobby. A polio victim whose appearance is ordinary but heart is kind. Who speaks as if a genius…