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Sharmeen Obaid Brings Home Oscar Award- Making Pakistan Proud

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy Brings Home the Second Oscar Award The pride of Pakistan, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy brings home the second Oscar award thus becoming the first Pakistani to win two Oscars. Best Short Documentary by Sharmeen Obiad – A Girl in the River The 88th…

sony world, Pakistan, young talent,Pakistani photographers, kumail rizvi

Pakistanis Making it to the Sony World Photography Awards

Sony World Photography Awards 2016: Contribution by Pakistan Three photographers of Pakistan have been nominated for the world’s biggest photography awards: Sony World Photography Awards 2016 edition. The Amazing Works of Kumail Rizvi Kumail Rizvi is amongst the nominated candidates for the 2016 edition of…

wall of kindness, Pakistan, Islamabad, Lahore

Wall of Kindness Being Setup All Over Pakistan

Wall of Kindness: The Concept An unknown person in Mashad, Iran created a simple yet thoughtful way of propagating charity for those who cannot afford and especially for the homeless. He merely put up some hangers on a wall and left the message “If you…

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