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First Ever Sightseeing Buses for Touring Islamabad-Rawalpindi Launched by PTDC

Pakistan Tourism & Development Corporation (PTDC) Promoting Tourism by Initiating Sightseeing Buses To promote tourism, Pakistan Tourism & Development Corporation (PTDC) launched the first ever sightseeing buses for Islamabad–Rawalpindi that will take its passengers on a tour of a number of exciting places in the…

EQUIP-Pakistan: Implementing Student Quality Circles in Pakistan

Student Quality Circles: A Unique Outlook on Education Student Quality Circles (SQCs) is adapted from Quality Control Circles which is a very important part of Total Quality Management (TQM) (in which the employees of an organization work together to solve the problems faced, so that there is a…

Pakistani Scrabble Players Continue to Shine

Scrabble: The Premium Mind Sport in Pakistan Pakistan had made quite a name for itself in the world of scrabble during the last several years! That is why the chairman of Mind Sports International; David Brannan believes that Pakistani scrabble players can become world champions….


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Peshawar – A Pinnacle of Cultural Diversity

This week we take a peek at two buildings of immense historical value; one that can be found in the center of the city and the other which can give you a panoramic view of not only Peshawar but the Valley too. Gor Khatri Sethi…

Peshawar – A Pinnacle of Cultural Diversity

Following we take a look at a spectacular specimen of Mughal architecture (the only one in Peshawar), as well as some rare residential buildings: Mahabat Khan Mosque Background You can reach it through Chowk Yaadgar as the entrance to the mosque is located in the…

Peshawar – A Pinnacle of Cultural Diversity

Peshawar is the ‘Gateway to Central Asia’. It was founded over 2000 years by the Kushan Kings of Gandhara and was called ‘Lotus Land’. Thereby from 2nd century AD to 7th century it remained a center of Gandharan civilization and a very significant place of…


Artistry and Crafts

Baluchi Rugs: Epitomizing their Culture Beautifully

The majority of Baluchis live in Pakistan. However they are also live in the western area of Afghanistan and in the South-Eastern border of Iran, thereby Baluchi rugs have a flavor of all three cultures. They make an excellent addition to the décor of the…

Sindhi-Kutch Styled Embroidery

Stunning Sindhi-Kutch Styled Mirror Embroidery

Mirror Embroidery incorporates delicate pieces of these reflecting surfaces within the needlework. Conventionally, these embroideries were sewn by the women belonging to rural areas. These works were then used for wearing on celebration of a particular festival or, later on, for selling to generate a…


Handicrafts of Pakistan: A Pour Over of the Famous Artistry

Acknowledging the Marvels of Pakistan Aware and delight yourself with the most absorbing specialties of our country – the captivating and alluring handicrafts. The stupendous artisanship is overwhelmingly renowned as the cultural recognition of Pakistan. The tradition of creating handicrafts is thousand-year old. It is considered as…


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