The Evergreen Glory of Historical Buildings of Pakistan

Introduction to the Igniting Honor of Historical Buildings

The most prideful and enthusiastic way to summon honor along with ultimate passion is by preserving the treasures known worldwide as the historical buildings of Pakistan. Amazingly, this is what various prominent sites and buildings reflect today. It is exciting to acknowledge the fact that Pakistan consists of monuments which are primarily restricted to the buildings and sites. These create a fascinating appeal to everyone as it links to the identification of certain events regarding partition or the important intellectual leaders. Moreover, the beautifully created structures of Pakistan buildings depict the different architecture of various times. As we all are well aware of the Pakistan s history in which the country was always governed by different energetic rulers in different ancient times. The historical buildings represent remarkably their strength and power which are liked, visited and praised by the countless number of international and national tourists.

Historical Buildings of Pakistan

Here is a list of antiquely sculptured historical buildings of Pakistan which are a sight of amazement to this day as well.

The Mighty Minar-e-PakistanMinar-e-Pakistan

Miner-e-Pakistan, also known as Yadgaare-e-Pakistan is an extremely tall tower located at Iqbal Park in Lahore. This historical building of Pakistan speaks of its inception in the honor and prestige of the Lahore resolution.

History of Minar-e-Pakistan

Peculiarly, it reflects a mixture of modern and antiquely lovely Mughal architecture and it has been created on March 23, 1940 when Lahore Resolution or say Qaradad-e-Lahore was demanded for the inception of Pakistan. It has been formed seven years before Pakistan came into existence. If you observe keenly, the vast space of public occupied around the monument is mainly utilized for public and political meetings. On the other hand, the region of Iqbal Park is largely famous for kite flyers.

Height of Minar-e-Pakistan

Notably, the tower of Minar-e-Pakistan is about 60 meters risen from the base; therefore, the calculated height of the tower is approximately 62 meters from above the ground.

The Mediating Historical Site- Hiran MinarSheikhupura-Hiran-Minar

The specialty of the worth visiting Hiran Minar is bound to its wonderfully exuberant environment and location. Amazingly, Minar from the top is certainly the best charming place of Punjab which gives you a soothing effect for the relationship to a site owned by Moghals and the landscape. The depth of amazement for this place is approached when one reaches the top of Minar and looks towards north, a lush green patch of forest resembling the forest vegetation of Moghal times. While going towards the west, one observes massively irrigated fields which are mentioned as the product or item of early twentieth or late nineteenth century.

Hiran Minar – The Great Asian Historical Architecture

It has been deduced that it’s pretty much similar to well established attractive fields of the Moghal period in appearance and size. Emphatically, the noticeable part is that the Lower Chenab has been developed into the best fertile region well known in country currently. It is situated in Sheikhupura which was previously known as Jehangir Abad before the death of Aurangzeb Alamgir.

The Engrossing Graciousness of Badshahi Mosquebadshahi-masjid

Badshahi mosque also called, interestingly, “the Emperor’s Mosque” ,was constructed by the famous Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in the year 1973, Lahore. It is one of the most fascinating sites which hold a major attraction for the tourists visiting from all over the world. It reflects the beauty, grace and glory of the great Mughal era.

Badshahi Mosque Facts

Astonishingly, it has the capacity to accommodate more than 55000 worshipers. Badshahi Mosque is said to be the second most largest and splendid mosque in Pakistan exactly after Faisal mosque which is situated in Islamabad. The lovely design and architecture of Badshahi Mosque is closely linked with Jama Masjid placed in Delhi, India. Speaking of the fact, it was built by Aurangzeb father, shah jahan in 1648.

The Peaceful Enchantment of Lahore Fort or Shahi QilaShahi-Qila

The well renowned Lahore Fort also referred to as Shahi Qila is located at the city of Lahore in Punjab. Pointedly, it is situated in northwestern corner of Lahore Walled city. The intensely gripping composition of Lahore Fort is over 20 hectares.

The Glorious Architecture of Lahore Fort or Shahi Qila Lahore

Importantly, the basic structure of the glaring Shahi Qila was built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar and it had been consistently upgraded by the rulers owing thirteen gates overall. Moreover, the Fort chiefly demonstrates the rich and colorful traditions of the Mughal architecture. The Fort consists of many famous sites including: Alamgiri Gate, Sheesh Mahal, Moti Masjid and Naulaka pavilion. The fort was also inscribed as UNESCO world Heritage site in 1981, along with Shalimar garden in Lahore.

Heavenly Beauty of Faisal Masjidfaisal-mosque

The adoring Shah Faisal Masjid exists in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. It’s one of the largest and prestigious mosques present in the entire world. it is well known for its appealing architecture and size which covers the area of 5000 meters holding the capability to attend 300 000 worshippers.

History and Construction of Faisal Mosque Islamabad

The amazing reality about this beautiful masjid is that it has been designed by a highly talented Turkish architect named Vedat Dalokay s. knowingly, the creation of mosque started in 1976 by National Construction of Pakistan which was led by Azim Borujerdi and the government of Saudi Arabia funded over 130 million Saudi riyals for it. The location of the great Faisal Masjid in at the corner of Shaharah-e-Islamand making it a prominent feature as the masjid appears in front of the magnificent Margalla Hills. It is the heart of the city and an extremely popular icon of Islamabad worth being cherish.

The Incredible Wonder of Shah Jahan- Shalimar GardenShalimar-Garden-Lahore

The impressively constructed Shalimar Garden sometimes also pronounced as Shalamar Gardens is originally a Persian Garden and it is believed that the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built it in Lahore. The creation of this captivating garden began in 1641 and got finished the same year. The enchanting Shalimar Gardens are situated along the Grand Trunk Road near Baghbanpura which is 5 kilometers north to the main city of Lahore.

History of Shalimar Garden

Mian family also inquisitively known as the stately Zaildar families commendably looked after the amusing Garden as granted by Shah Jahan. Surprisingly, the striking Shalimar Garden stayed under the custody of Mian family over 350 years. The noteworthy aspect is that Mela Chiraghan festival took place in Shalimar Garden exclusively until Ayub Khan granted orders against it during the year of 1958.


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