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Upcoming Pakistani Movie Moor

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Moor is a Pashto word which means “Mother”. Moor is an upcoming Pakistani film which is written and directed by Jamshed Mahmood, who is known as Jami. Moor was formerly named as Morqaye which means “Sahiba”.

Producer and Editor of Movie Moor

The film is produced by Nadeem H. Mandviwalla, founder of Mandviwalla Entertainment. Moor is said to be a very special movie for both the director and the producer and so it became a project that is self funded by them together. Moor has been edited by Rizwan AQ. He utilized the sharp image to edit the film.

Jamshed Mahmood: Man behind Moor

According to an article published in Dawn, Jamshed Mahmood calls the growth of Pakistani cinematic achievement a “complete reconstruction of the film industry”.

“It is a fresh start. Like I said earlier, it is not a revival but a complete reconstruction of the industry. We need more cinemas, honest people in the censor, production and distribution boards who do not jeopardize any Pakistani or Indian film.”

The director of the film “Moor” speaks about the Pakistani industry. He critically portrayed that the Pakistani industry lacks resources required to produce vital films even when the industry offers a high-quality surface.
Jamshed Mahmood while speaking about Moor says, if better facilities and technology will be brought into the country, it will eventually generate ways for different methods for growing the Pakistani industry.

Production and Music for Movie Moor

Moor is shot in different countries all over Pakistan including Karachi, Quetta, Sukkur, Muslim Bagh, Khanozai and more. There are two production companies associated with Moor, Azad Film Company and Mandviwalla Entertainment. The owners of both the production companies are associated with the film as well.

The music for Moor is contributed by Strings, a well-known Pakistani band. The song Kothbiro that is featured along with the trailer of the film Moor was bought from Ayub Ogada.

“Sound mixing is the main issue at present. A lot of people claim to know the game and have the system, but I believe no one is completely ready for films as yet. Mixing entails a proper studio hall with all necessary equipment as well as lots of experience” – Jami

Storyline of the Movie Moor

Moor is based on a real life story which was established on collapse of a railway system in Pakistan. Moor is about a “village station master” who is caught in a former instant. We are particularly speaking about the railway system in Baluchistan that is in 1984, ending of Zhob valley railways. The film demonstrates the idea of how a woman made ends meet and provided bread and butter to her family alone alike most Pakistani families.

Further, how the station master goes through a wild journey of understanding himself and revives his feelings for his wife which are derived after her death. Also, how he steps out of his village and faces the real world to make ends meet. The film also portrays a lifestyle of an average Pakistani and continues to draw a picture of issues faced by them. .

Cast for Moor

The actors in the film are listed below:

1. Zainullah Dilawar
2. Shabbir Rana Zahir
3.Ayaz Samoo Imtisal
4. Nayyar Ijaz Talat
5. Eshita Mehboob Syed Arzo
6. Omar Asghar
7. Shaz Khan Ehsaan
8.Eshita Mehboob Syed Arzo
9. Joshinder Chaggar Sarah
10. Soniya Hussain Amber
11. Samiya Mumtaz Palwasha
12. Abdul Qadir Baggoo Baba

Expected Release Date of Movie Moor

The director didn’t reveal the release date yet for Moor but it is expected by media to be released in summer of the present year.


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