Pakistan’s National Flag Carried to Outer Space on a Chinese Mission

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On the celebratory occasion of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations establishment between the two nations Pakistan and China, the flags of the countries got sent to space. This event was arranged via the China Manned Space Agency or CMSA. 

The flags boarded a Long March – 2F carrier spacecraft, named Shenzhou-12. It launched on June 17, 2021, and arrived in October after a 3-month stay. 

Shenzhou-12 aircraft carried three astronauts; Nie Haisheng, Tang Hongbo and Liu Boming. Their aim was the construction of the Chinese space station named ‘Tianging’. It is predicted to be completed and become an active research site by next year. 

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From Pakistan, Moin ul Haque was present at the event. He is the Pakistani ambassador to China and a secretary of Space technology Zhao Xiaojin. During the event, he congratulated all the Chinese institutions and research offices that made the occasion possible; including CAST and CMSA. 

Moin ul Haque states;

 “The space journey of national flags of the two countries was a special demonstration of the unique friendship between Pakistan and China and a befitting way to celebrate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties,”

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Other honorable members to attend the event include 

  • the secretary of China Academy of Space Technology, Zhao Xiaojin
  • Director-General of China Manned Space Agency, Hao Chun
  • Deputy Chief Designer of China Manned Space Programme, Yang Liwei