Rasoolpur – A Village with 100% Literacy Rate and 0% Crime Rate

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The story of Rasool Pur dates back to 1933 after the Baloch settlers had to move for the fifth time due to their previous village getting demolished. This settlement lies in Punjab, in the district of Rajanpur, and is located  59.5kms from Rajanpur on the Indus Highway.

 The village has a population of 2000-3000 residents and is working to break the most unfortunate stereotypes known to the current society. Most of the residents of this village are Ahmadani Baloch and speak Saraiki.

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The village of Rasool Pur is called a model village; there is no smoking allowed, their literacy rate is 100%, and their crime rate is 0%. All villagers make sure that no child drops out of school and is left uneducated. They believe in knowledge as being a part of the evolving process as a society. They have Rasool Pur Development society, which collects donations for children who cannot afford education. The first school for boys and a separate school for girls were constructed back in 1935. If students do not receive their education, they are not allowed to participate in society festivals, meetings, or any other events.

To ensure enthusiasm in students, the village arranges an annual celebration to celebrate the students participating in competitive and university examinations. They also constantly share the success stories of their ancestors to remind them of their educational heritage.

Educated women are treated equally and given just as much importance as their boy’s education. There has been no crime in this village and it is a very clean and organized sight. The power of education is visible in how they perform their tasks and function as a society.

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