Stand-Up Comedian, Zaid Ali, saad haroon

Emerging Stand Up Comedians in Pakistan

The ability to make good jokes, spontaneous humor and brilliant stage theatrics are a few of the most essential ingredients of a good stand-up comedian. Pakistan is blessed with some

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Top 10 Snapchat Tips & Tricks

videoSocial media has been around for quite some time now. We can still recall those times when Facebook was launched and it got us all excited. The 90’s generation populated

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Top 10 Easy Ways to Grow Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have been one of the aesthetic yet functional additions to the home decor. They not only add to the glory and beautification but also help in many functional

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Top 10 Richest People in Pakistan

According to the global Wealth Index, in 2018 the total count of income of Pakistan’s upper class was 0.1%. While on the other hand, India has 16 billionaires on the