30 Oct: 18 Transgender Attended Class in Gulgasht Colony, Could This be a Great Leap Forward?

Pakistan is one of the biggest countries that have a mass majority of transgender (Khawaja Sira). It is referred to as the third gender in Pakistan. It has been a

27 Oct: Dance of Hunger: Transgenders in Pakistan

All of us idealize a state where all the individuals have equality in terms of rights, privileges, education, and medical facilities. Although the western countries have laws to curtail the

02 Oct: Mithi Village of Sindh: An Amalgamation of Cultural Diversity and Religious Harmony

The title speaks for itself regarding the beautiful culture that exists in the Mithi village of Tharparkar district, Sindh. Mithi is quite unique and different in terms of lifestyle. The

27 Sep: Patriarchy vs Matriarchy: Pros and Cons

If you know about different cultures, you would be aware of the varying social systems. History shows the existence of a system governed by women, respected by all genders. This

22 Sep: Rasoolpur – A Village with 100% Literacy Rate and 0% Crime Rate

The story of Rasool Pur dates back to 1933 after the Baloch settlers had to move for the fifth time due to their previous village getting demolished. This settlement lies

14 Sep: Amnesty International Demands Pakistan to Grant Permission for Aurat March

Amnesty International urges Pakistani authorities to grant permission to the Aurat march that was supposed to be held in Faisalabad. The march was canceled due to pressure from city administrative

14 Sep: Superwoman – Breaking the Myths and Handed-Down Opinions

Becoming a strong and superwoman is following an arduous list of rules & techniques. Rather, it is an amalgam of resilience, patience, and the will to beat the odds. Being

07 Sep: Damascus Knives and Blades of Wazirabad: How They are Made and What is Unique About Them?

If you are fond of exploring the history of the world, then you would know the wonders of Damascus knives and steel. It has always mesmerized scientists due to its

06 Sep: Pakistan to Launch Single Emergency Helpline – 911

Pakistan government to launch a single emergency helpline similar to United States 911. The citizens can report emergencies of all natures to this single helpline by dialing 911. Various emergency

25 Aug: Makli Necropolis: One of the Largest Necropolis in the World

When it comes to going places, historical areas, monuments, museums attract the tourists more because there is a lot to learn from there. Every ancient structure or any necropolis preserved

06 Aug: Do “Unethical” Clothes Incite Sexual Harassment?

Sexual Harassment means unwanted physical advances towards a person. This act can humiliate a person’s dignity. It can result in life-long mental and physical health issues for the victim.  Sexual

29 Jul: Struggles That All First Time Mother-to-Be From Pakistan Have to Go Through

Your emotions and thoughts may go into overdrive as soon as you find out that you are a mother-to-be. Many women feel a mix of emotions at this time. They

19 Jul: The Desi Dad Syndrome that Every Middle Class Kid Can Relate to

A typical Pakistani Desi dad is mostly seen as a tyrant, disciplinarian, and practical man who most often has issues with everything his children do. The Pakistani Desi father is

24 Jun: Top 10 Desi Struggles Every New Pakistani Bride Goes Through

Hey girls! Many of you would have landed on this page to become more aware regarding all the struggles that you have to go through for arranging as well as

13 Jan: Top 10 Traditional Markets to Explore in Pakistan

Top 10 Traditional Markets to go for Shopping in Pakistan Preserving the natural cultural heritage and beauty is the fundamental thing to do for an individual. Pakistan serves to be

15 Dec: The Metamorphosis of King Zain-ul-Abidin

King Zain-ul-Abidin was the eighth King (Sultan) of Kashmir, belonging to the Shah Mir Dynasty which ruled Kashmir from 1339 to 1561 and can be attributed at establishing Islam in

20 Nov: Bhong Mosque: A Beauteous and Dazzling Architectural Vision

Bhong is a small town situated in Rahim Yar Khan District, and is 200 km away from Bhawalpur. In this unsusceptible place stands the Bhong Mosque that is like no

05 Nov: Tim Blight on Pakistan: ‘Dare To Take The Road Less Travelled…’

Tim Blight has already journeyed to 50 countries across the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe as well as Oceania, and the list keeps on growing. Yet it was Pakistan that

30 Sep: The Beautiful Craft of Handmade Basketry in Pakistan

Basketry: An Age Old Tradition Throughout the ages one finds basketry as a widely used skill in every human culture. However the age of this craft cannot be ascertained because

17 Aug: Jamila and the Amir

Jamila and the Amir More than 1000 years ago, Mansura was the historic capital of the Ummayyid Caliphate. It was a beautiful city and the first one to be built

25 Jun: Hammal and Mahganj

Hammal and Mahganj is a Baluchi folk tale which portrays one man’s sacrifice for his religion and his people.   The Historic Port of Kalmat Ruled by Sardar Jaihand On

19 Apr: Noori Jam Tamachi

A Celebrated Sindhi Folk Tale: Noori Jam Tamachi Noori Jam Tamachi is one of the seven romances in Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s most famous ‘Shah Jo Risalo’. The other six

07 Oct: Peshawar – Mahabat Khan Mosque & Mohalla Sethian

Following we take a look at a spectacular specimen of Mughal architecture (the only one in Peshawar), as well as some rare residential buildings: Mahabat Khan Mosque Background You can

07 Aug: The Feisty Festivals of Kalash

The Kalash Valley is made up of three valleys. Birir is situated 34 km away from Chitral. Rumbur is 32 km away and Bumburet (the largest and most beautiful) is

21 Jun: 70 Decades Old Shah Allah Ditta Village and Buddhist Caves

Shah Allah Ditta Village: A Picturesque Historical Place Strikingly, the old village is titled after a well known Mughal Dervish Shah Allah Ditta and holds a significant presence for its

31 May: Pakistan Heritage Cuisine Wins Gourmand Award 2018

Pakistan Heritage Cuisine: Best Asian Cookbook in the World Pakistan Heritage Cuisine was the only cookbook nominated from Pakistan and that too for two categories i.e. ‘Asian – Published in Asia’

22 Mar: Jabal-e-Noor-ul-Quran

Jabal-e-Noor-ul-Quran: A Sanctified Place Located on the outskirts of Quetta stand the Mountains of Chiltan, which hold a secret! Inside it, is Jabal-e-Noor-ul-Quran which is a hill encompassing a network of tunnels

29 Nov: Muslim Hands Street Child Football Team Wins ‘Future Depends On You’ Tournament 2017 in Russia!

Muslim Hands Street Child Football Team Get First Position Muslim Hands Street Child Football Team consists of 8 Pakistani street children supported by ‘Muslim Hands’ in Mirpur, AJK who participated

02 Dec: The Meaning and Significance of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an ancient stone which has been admired for its beauty, significance and uses since pre-historic times. From the earliest records available, lapis lazuli was found to be

18 Jul: Art Exhibitions at the Khaas Art Gallery

The Team at Khaas Art Gallery The Khaas Art Gallery, Islamabad, started off as ‘The Art Gallery’ in 1992. The foundation for the establishment was set in 1992 by local

26 Mar: Sindhi Embroidery – Yet Another Gift From Gujrat

Gujrat, a renowned city located in the Province of Punjab is quite popular for its embroidery work. In different parts of this locality, one might see craftsmen and women working

18 Nov: Historical Art in Pakistan

Art as a Cultural Phenomenon Art is a collective term used to signify a vast array of cultural as well as historic traditions that signify a certain civilization, or era.

24 Oct: Noor Mahal of Bahawalpur

Noor Mahal (the Palace of Light) is situated in Bhawalpur, which is the 12th largest city of Pakistan and was once the capital of the Princely State of Bahawalpur. A 

29 Sep: Exploring the History and Culture of Art and Craft in Pakistan

It would indeed be surprising if a region with a history as interesting as the subcontinent’s, did not have any memorabilia to showcase and represent its rich and varied culture.

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